Frequently Asked Questions

What information and deposit is required to rent from Rogers Rent-All?+

Payment is required before renting. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Cash and Debit. The amount of the deposit required varies, please call for details. Charge accounts are available for companies. We will also require an Alberta driver’s licence for identification. If you do not have an Alberta driver’s licence some alternate identification may be acceptable (please call for details); however a higher deposit may be required.

When do I have to return my rental?+

  • We offer 4 hour (not available on all items), daily, weekly and 4 week rental rates.
  • A "4 hour" rental covers any 4 hour period during our business hours or a rental picked up in the last 2 hours of the day and returned when we open the following day.
  • A "1 day" rental is based on any 24 hour period. When you pick up an item at 2:30 p.m. it is due back @ 2:30 p.m. the next day.
  • A "1 week" rental is based on 7 consecutive days and can save you money because you only pay for the first days of the week. The last days of the week are free. Check individual items regarding when the weekly rate applies.
  • A "4 week rental" is based on any 28 consecutive day period. Similar to the weekly rates you will find that part way through the month you will have reached this rate but still have free days to keep the equipment.

Do you offer any special rates over the weekend?+

  • Rogers offers a weekend special as follows…
  • Pick up your rental Friday after 2:00 p.m. and return by Monday 9 a.m. Keep it for 2 1/2 days, but pay for only 1 1/2 days.
  • Pick up your rental anytime Saturday and return by Monday 9 a.m. Pay only 1 day instead of 2 days.

Can I return rented items when Rogers Rent-All is closed?+

We do not have facilities to drop off equipment after hours. Anything left on our premises after hours is at the customer’s risk.

Can I reserve an item for a specific date?+

Yes, we will hold an item for you. Most items can be reserved a day ahead over the phone with just your name, phone number and the pick up time required. Reservations further in advance than a day and larger items (e.g. bobcats) may require a deposit paid to confirm the reservation.

Do you provide a delivery service?+

Delivery and pick up is available. We deliver throughout Calgary and the surrounding area. If you can’t return an item when finished it may be cheaper for you to pay for pick up rather than continuing to pay rental charges. Please call for pricing. Delivery is curb to curb and does not include installation, set up or knock down.

Loading, unloading and transporting tips.+

We have a loading dock and ramps to help load your order. Loading ramps are also available for rent to use at your job site. Please consider the size and type of equipment you are renting and bring a suitable vehicle to transport the equipment. You are responsible for the safe transportation of equipment, so remember to bring load straps or we have rope for sale. We will not load equipment if there is a risk of an accident. Gas equipment and propane bottles cannot be transported lying down.

What happens if something is broken, damaged or missing?+

The rental charge is payment for use of the equipment and normal wear and tear. Breakage, damage, cleaning or loss of equipment would be charged extra. However, we do offer an optional "LIMITED DAMAGE WAIVER" which covers the first $500 and 50% of the next $4500 of accidental damage charges. The cost of this waiver is based on 8% of the rental charge. This waiver does not include cleaning, theft or loss of equipment. Check your own insurance coverage (especially on expensive equipment) concerning loss, theft or damages above the waiver coverage. Please ask for further details.

I have some projects around the house and yard that I want to do but don’t know how to operate the tools needed. Do you offer training?+

You would be surprised at how easy it is to use most of the equipment we rent. We can explain, demonstrate or provide an instruction sheet on most of the equipment we rent. Having said that, keep in mind that some equipment requires physical exertion and strength to properly and safely operate. Also keep in mind that it helps if you have had some exposure to tools and equipment and therefore are confident in learning how to operate something new. The Internet is also a good source of "how to" information.

I really like this piece of equipment. Can I buy it while I have it rented?+

Yes, we are always rotating our rental fleet, selling and replacing with new stock. Most items are available for purchase. The purchase price is based on the age and condition of the equipment, as well as consideration of the rental charge paid.

Does the equipment have to be returned clean?+

We do service and clean the equipment after each rental, but there will be a cleaning charge for items returned unusually dirty. The rule we use is that the equipment should look about the same coming back as when sent out. Dirt on equipment isn’t a problem, but paint and concrete left on items are a different matter. Cleaning on the job, while still fresh, will make the job easier and save you money.